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  1. Hi I’m new. I went on the site to book but it looked like no one else had booked yet as all the site were available. Are we booking our own individual sites or sharing group sites. Amy

    1. Hello Amy,
      Welcome Amy, I’m Tim and one of the organizers. There are currently only 34 sites available from June 14th-21st 2024 at Schroeder Park. Not sure what RV or vehicle you are in. I do know if you don’t need electricity or any other hook ups you should book sites 30-54. We are not in a group site. All RVer’s that want or need electricity and water should book sites 01-30. I hope this helps you out.

      Time4Xpoloring Youtube channel:

    2. I was able to register just yesterday (3/11/24.) Thought I’d remind people that some people will register but then need to cancel their plans, so things that may have been completely booked out earlier, might be available again. That’s what happened to me when I’ve been looking for a site that I could plug in my rig with.